what are you scared of.

Hey everyone there isn’t really anything to write about so I decided to write about, what are you scared of or phobias .

First of I’m going to tell you what I’m scared of.

Well my worst fare is veins yes the veins that run through your body, just writing about this makes me sick and scared.

Then just to add on I hate we you have a bleeding nose and then you get the bit when it is all clogged up then it comes out all yucky.

I hate DARK hallways especially mine.

I’m scared of watching movies in the dark.

And I am scared of when people get you to do stuff in the dark and you don’t know if it’s going to be scary or not.

I am scared of other things but this post would go on forever.

So what are you scared of.


Yr 8 Formal.

This week is the last week I am at St Patrick’s Primary School why because I am a year 8.
Well on Wednesday night the yr 8 are going out for there formal really I might be late but I will be there 🙂 The reason I might be late is because I have dance before, but my dance teacher did say she would shorten the class so hopefully she remembers ( fingers crossed ).
For our yr 8 formal we will be going to Fisherman Table  we will arrive (me) hopefully at 6:30 pm. And then I think have dinner there I don’t know how this will go because I haven’t been told so I’m just saying what might happen. So after dinner we will probably do something I don’t know what though? but hopefully something fun or interesting. Then later on hopefully pudding 🙂 ( I love pudding ).
So if you are a yr 8 and you are reading this out of my class hope to see you there 🙂

Nearly Christmas

Hey everyone you have probably seen a post like this on other blogs so sorry if this is like a repeat for you.

Well Christmas is nearly hear so I wanted to tell you about it.

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So hopefully all of you know what Christmas is all about, Because Christmas is not all about the presents but also about Jesus Birth and we are celebrating his Birthday.
So when it is Christmas Eve we usually have a roast with my Nana and then when it gets dark enough we go out and see the Christmas lights  until the time has finished, then we head of home again.  Then before I go to bed I have a chocolate fondue with marshmallows.
Usually when it is time to go to bed and I have already jumped in I usually can’t get to sleep i’m so excited but then finally I go to sleep.
When it becomes Christmas day I usually wake up like 6 clock in the morning and I open my bedroom door and find a Christmas stocking hanging from my door I look through it and it’s usually the itsy bisty stuff that go in there, then I go down stairs and pick not my presents but my mums and brother’s presents that I got them and take them up to there room. Then it’s my turn to get one present I pick the smallest to biggest and open it up in my mothers room.
After we have a big Christmas breakfast and head of to church then we come back home and start packing food like chips steak salads, because every year we go to my aunts house and have a big family party / BBQ the house is usually packed with people because I have over 30 cousins on my mums side and lots of uncles and aunts. we usually spend the whole day there until like 1 am then we head of home.
please leave a comment and tell me what do you do when Christmas arrives 🙂


The Nutcracker Prince part 2

Hey everyone again.

Just to tell all of you the times have changed to 21st of December  2:00 and 7:00 at Southwards car Museum.

So for this time I’m going to tell you what has been happening and later in the post tell you what usually happens when it is the concert time.

So far now we are doing rehearsals over and over again which is making me quiet exhausted. I would love that dance wasn’t so hard but that is just the point of dance if you want to look good you have to work at it. If you are wondering what I am going to be look at  the post before this one, Now I’m going to tell you what I am with groups and also tell you what the costumes look like.

Scene 1 -I am the mother of clara.

Scene 2 -not in because I’m not clara a mouse or a solider or most importantly the nutcracker.

Scene 3 – Land of snow and there are only snow flakes and I am one of them.

Scene 4 -Land of sweets I am a Russian peppermint twist, Arabian coffee, waltz of the flowers.

Scene 5 – I’m not but I am Scene 5 is mostly about Clara and the Nutcracker but at the end we have our finally so I guess I am.

Mother the mothers will have big dresses like they would have been back in the time so big dresses with those weird things that you put underneath not a petticoat, but I hope you get it.

Snow flake well the snow flakes are going to look like a puffy skirt which is all white and a leotard.

Russian peppermint twists is a green and white big skirt down to my knees with a petticoat underneath and a green thing that goes around your waist and a patterned white top thing.

Arabian coffee is a a really dark brown maroon colour which is a crop top with this lass stuff with is the same colour but has different colours to it to make it look effective with the crop top it has the lass coming of the sleeves and then the pants have two v shapes at the front and back and the the lass fabric and they will look like fat pants kinda.

Flowers with the Flowers we have different colours for each class my class is purple. the skirt is purple with pink and green flower petals that just hang down and we have a green leotard.

So that is what our costumes look like. Now on to what usually happens when we are rehearsing at southwards then I will tell you what usually happens  when we do have the concert.

So right now we are doing rehearsing at dance not until later we will rehearse at southwards. So when we do get up to the full dress rehearsals at southwards we get there and we start dancing, no that actually doesn’t happen.

The people around my  age will go into the big dressing room down stairs, So when it does come to the time we have two days of dress rehearsals at southwards, on the first day we would only wear our costumes not make up because this is only to get the feel of the stage and so we get the space right and all that stuff.

In the dressing rooms they are quiet big The two up stairs are the biggest that’s for the little kids though 🙁 we get the cold dressing room down stairs and the only way to keep the room warm is to put the lights on around the mirrors and body heat. Last year the dressing room smelt dreadful I think someone ate fish in there so hopefully next time someone doesn’t. In the middle of the Dressing room there are these things to put your costumes on and each class gets there own:)

So when it comes to the full dress rehearsal the heat is on because lots of people get told of we have to start over and over again and the only ones that don’t have to do that is the little kids who are like 234( no fair) But I like being on stage no matter what if I’m getting told of. Usually I don’t nether does my best friend Josephine 🙂  So when it does come to the full dress rehearsal which is usually the day before the concert we have to wear make up put our costumes on properly and this stuff oh and the best part is at the end we all come to the stage and the teachers and the parents say what they like and we get chocolate fish.



So usually I’m at home panicking because I’m thinking I might get something wrong but hopefully I don’t. I leave with my dressing gown because when where not on we have to keep something on so we won’t spill anything on the costume. I get there with my make up already done and come into the dressing room. We have to come an hour early because they need to check that everyone is there and so we can get into our costumes, and usually the people that take the longest is the little kids. Last time i was there i went up this really dark hallway that had stairs and I went up I saw the whole stage over looking it. When we are ready and the audience has arrived we line up out side the stage door until we get a thumbs up. First up Is ( Stretch leap and spin ) Which I am in. We start the show off and we go on.

After that dance I have one more Jazz Dance to do, we go on and we hear the audience clap for us. When finall-y all the Dances are done we get to go back into the dressing room and have a break. Well when I say a break it’s only like 20 mins and I probably getting dressed at that time into the parent dress. Then after that 20 mins it’s time to go back on stage, but before we go on we have to wait for the on chore I think it is the long music thing before we start the Nutcracker.

Well when most of the Dancers for the first scene are on side stage I’m on the stage already with (Zoe-Clara) and ( Grace-Fritz) Because i’m the owner of the mansion and the mother of Clara. When finally the On Chore has finished we start the show.

I’m not going on how the concert is going but later I will tell you how the concert went.





The Nutcracker prince concert.

Hey everyone you have probably already have seen that I haven’t done a post lately and now is the time to start doing a post again.

Well this year for Dance our concert is going to be the Nutcracker  and if you don’t know the story here is a link to a story before you go a head and read the rest http://classicalmusic.about.com/od/balletsynopses/a/thenutcracker.htm.

If you go way back in to my blog you probably seen that I have done other post for other concerts, well last year I don’t think I did a post on the concert and this is a big concert and I just wanted to tell you what is happening.

Well first the story is going to begin with the jazz pieces and it’s going to be like we are going to see the Nutcracker ballet. For the jazz with my class I am doing a dance to the song Extra Ordinary Christmas by (Glee) then I have stretch leap and spin with is kind of like a jazz class just easier and the song I don’t really know what it is called sorry.

Then when we have finished the jazz we move on to the Nutcracker, below I am going to tell you who the cast are and just saying there are no boys at my dance company so when you go through you won’t get confused.


Clara-Zoe my daughter.

Fritz- grace my son.


Drosselmeyer- Amberly understudy Bethany

Nutcracker-Teegan she is a girl by the way dressed like a boy. for the other boys as well 🙂

Parents- me Kannon  Bethany Neve Tamara Renee.

Maids- Josephine Sarah Arina and Izzy.

Kids- its best that I don’t say all of theses kids names because there are heaps.


There will be a part 2 to tell you what is happening with Nutcracker it’s just that if I do this in one go It will go on forever.


P.S. if you would like to come there are tickets coming out soon at Coastland and the dates of the concerts are  21st.



Hey everyone most of my friends have been doing these post andI needed a idea for a post so I went for this.

(sorry if I miss something out while I’m writing down my subjects)




Kapa Haka

And like I said I forgot 🙂

Please comment even thought it is not a very good post and very short please comment below 🙂

Series Of Unfortunate Events :)

Hey everyone I decided that I would do a book review for a change.

Well my book review is about this series I have been reading it is called (and I do recommend it) Series of Unfortunate Events, I have been loving this series I am now up to the last book no:13 this has taken me a term and a bit 🙂

The story is about three young Children Sunny Claus and Violet Baudelaire  ( I have put these in order from youngest to eldest)   For most of the day They were at briny beach while there rich parents were at the Baudelaire  mansion. With a cough and a hoof there story begins with sad beginnings and horrible ends with a man following them everywhere to every place they go.


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hepakiakawhanui.com – 800 × 535 – Search by image



I have got two of my friends in to this series and they are loving it too ( Petra and Caitlin) and I think My other friend Charlotte wants to read them, so please try it out and tell me if you are reading them and  how they are going.

What would be my perfect day.

Just to say this I got this idea from Paige and Charlotte.

What would my perfect day be.

1. wake up to a sunny day.

2. Go on a plane with all my friends to a theme park.

3. stuff my self with lollies.

4. jump out of a airplane.

5. go snorkeling.

6. have a quick sleep on a water bed.

7. Then at the end of the day have a great big dinner with all my family/ extended family and my friends.

Thank you and leave a comment.


Halloween costumes.

I know I have already done a post on Halloween but I want you to choose what to wear for me. This is what is going to happen, I say what I have got and what I should wear, and you just pick which one and the one that gets the biggest vote wins and I will wear it.

1. Ghost

2. Clown

3. Bat-woman

4.  Super-woman

5.  Lolly pop

6. Zombie


So please vote when you comment.



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Hey Everyone, as you might know Halloween is coming up, and really I have no idea what I should wear. Usually I would go to the light house for Halloween hoedown but i’m to old for that 🙁 And really I would rather  go trick or treating with my friends who are ( Charlotte, Tash, and Lauren) . Last time I went with Charlotte Trick or Treating, we went early in the day because we had touch after 🙁 But we went to alot of peoples houses, first I think we went to my Aunties we got Fredo frogs chocolates and chips I think, that was my best stop only because it was my Auntie and cousin, but I have another relative this time she built a house in front of my aunties, this is my older cousin with 2 boys, so this Halloween will be interesting.  Can’t wait.

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